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When I was 8 years old, my mother refused to let me sign up for the local little league team because she was worried I would get hurt. So I forged her name...in crayon!

Of course the league was suspicious of the colorful autograph and called my parents. Immediately I was summoned to the kitchen.

There sat my mother and father.  My mom was furious, but I noticed my dad had a little smirk on his face. When they confronted me with the forged registration, I began to plead and beg.  “It’s all I want to do all summer, and I will not get hurt.”

My mom wanted no part of it, still insisting I was too young and it was too dangerous.  Then suddenly my dad started to speak.

“The boy really does have a great arm,” he said.  I listened intently as he continued.

“And I do believe sports are a very important part of a young boy’s development,”  Now it was getting good...he was on MY SIDE!

“The only way I will agree to this,” my mom said, showing the first sign of waivering.  “Is if you be there as his coach and make sure nothing happens to him.”

Now my dad worked 60 hours a week and I knew my mom was asking the impossible.  I’m sure that was her plan all along, there’s no way he would agree to such terms.

“OK,” my dad said to my, and my mother’s complete and utter astonishment.

Those two little letters sealed a deal that lasted years and years.  

My father was there with me, through little league baseball, then football.  Our family’s life began to revolve around sports.  My sister was a cheerleader, my younger brother was the bat boy, and then a player himself.  We traveled to tournaments.  After the game we would all go to McDonald’s for two hamburgers, fries, a small coke and change back from our dollar.

And then the next day, I would wait for the local paper to come and I would search to see if my name was in there.  When it was, I’d show my dad when he came home and he would clip it out and put it in his wallet, so he could show the boys at work the next day.

I know it’s too late to make a long story short, but in essence, that childhood memory is the reason for starting this publication.

I agree with my father.  Like him I believe that sports are a very important part of a young boy’s, and a young girl’s development.

Not only do sports teach us important lessons about discipline, perseverance, team work and competition, it also helps our children develop social skills that seem to be twindling in this technical age.  Not to mention the benefits of physical activity!

Our mission at theBellevue Sports Weekly is clear, we want to cover as much of the local sports scene in Bellevue as possible.

We are not interested in the Titans, Predators or other pro sports.  We are interested in the Tigers, Eagles, Lions, and Hilltoppers.

We want to cover local gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, and shooting competitions.

We want to cover the Bellevue Steelers, the Bellevue Baseball Association, the WNSL leagues.

To be honest, when I first started out with this project, I had no idea how many different sports programs there were in this community.  And how competitive they are!

What a story that three of our local high school football teams are still alive in their respective state championships!

It goes to show that many of you agree with me, and my dad. Sports are important.

We want this paper to be YOUR source for local sports coverage.  We welcome your input, and your contribution!  

We gladly accept, and encourage, ideas and suggestions.  If your children are participating in a travel team, or playing in a tournament and we can’t get there, PLEASE send us results and photographs.

We will print them!

Our paper will be published weekly on Wednesdays.  It will be available on newstands and offices across the city for free.  We also publish a website, www.bellevuesportsweekly.com, where stories and photos from past and upcoming issues are available.

Also go online and fill out our request form for free home delivery. And like us on Facebook at facebook/bellevuesports and have access to all of our pictures.

So on behalf of all of us here, from my family and staff and contributors, we wish you all good luck in all your athletic endeavors.  

And look for your picture in the paper.  You don’t have to be an 8 year-old little boy to admit that seeing your name and picture in the paper is really cool!