"The home of hometown heroes"

In discussion and coordination this summer with the members of the BSAA Board and BSAA President Todd Sneed Bellevue adult softball enthusiasts were able to start an Adult Coed Softball League.  

Andrea Black was named the Commissioner of Adult Softball at BSAA, after presenting the idea to the board.  

BSAA began to get the word out about the league in August.  The community had a great response and was very interested in participating in the adult league.  

In the first season organizers planned to only start with six teams and were successful in reaching that goal within the first week of advertising.  

“We are hoping to add more teams next year as we grow,” Commissioner Andrea Black said.

 The six teams in the inaugural season are made up of 84 players and are coached by, David Humes, Stacey Hunt, Randy Howington, Stephan Raines, Stephanie Upchurch, and Andrea Black.  

“This league has been a lot of fun to watch the roles be reversed for the parents that are usually out there watching their kids play and now their kids are watching their parents play,” Black said.

The league is a Big Ball League meaning that the women and men use different size balls when batting.  

The season is seven weeks long and the league plays on Monday nights at the BSAA fields.  

The last regular season games will be on Monday Oct 24th and following that will be a tournament.  

Black said she’s looking forward to the league growing next season.

“We encourage you to come check it out and see if you might want to be involved next year!”  she said

Adults Get In On Fun In BSAA Softball