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Alex with Kessler Quinn

Alex with Melody Kessler Quinn

Brother Corey Givens, Alex, parents Ann and Doug Givens

Ryan McClary, Jeff Brothers, Alex, Phillip Montgomery, John Crosby.

NCS's Alex Givens Epitomizes Eagle Spirit

by Mike Hastings
BSW Staff Writer

When I first spotted Alex Givens walking down the hallway at Nashville Christian School on his way to our interview, he looked like any other high school student - slacks, sweatshirt, backpack.  As he got closer, the hallway seemed to get smaller.  When he opened the door to come into the office, he filled up the entire doorway.  As his hand engulfed mine when we shook I finally realized - he’s HUGE!

No wonder the 6’ 6”, 300-pound lineman was recruited by some of the top colleges in the country before deciding to play for Ole Miss next fall.  But it is his leadership on the field, his commitment to his school, and his high quality of character that has earned him the respect and admiration of his coaches and teammates, and is the reason we honor him as the BSW Athlete of the Week.

“In my 21 years, he is the best I have coached, or ever seen,” says NCS Head Football Coach Jeff Brothers.

“But more important than his great talent on the field, he is an amazing role model,” Brothers added.

Alex has received many accolades in his four years at NCS.  He became a starter since the second half of his freshman year and never missed a game.  He was named All District three times, All State twice, including this year where here was also named District Lineman of the Year, nominated for the Titans’ Mr. Football and was named a MaxPrep’s All American.

“He had more than 200 pancake blocks in both his junior and senior years,” Brothers said.

“Twenty is a good year for most guys, he had that in a number of games!”

One of the most amazing things about Alex, according to most people you talk to, is despite his many successes, he is extremely humble.

“Alex has handled this whole process with grace and humility,” Brothers said, referring to the college recruitment .

“He’s set a great example of how to handle fame and opportunity, you’d never know he has all of that,” Brothers added.

As for Alex, he’s just grateful to have been given the opportunity to play the game he’s always loved, in a place he’s truly enjoyed.

“I just want to thank my coaches for all they’ve done for me, on and off the field,”  Alex said.  “And to thank Nashville Christian for giving me a great high school experience.

“But I’d especially want to thank my mom and dad.  They supported me and wanted me to do what I wanted, didn’t try to sway me one way or the other,” he said.

And there was many choices to make.  Alex was recruited by a ton of schools, but narrowed it down to four - Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Ole Miss.  So why Ole Miss?

“The coaches reminded me of my coaches here.  They said they would never lie to me, they would always tell me the truth, even when I didn’t want to hear it,” Alex said.

So Nashville Christian’s loss is Ole Miss’s gain. What does Alex plan to do there?

“I am just going to do everything they ask me to do - and more, just be the best player I can be” he said.

Sounds like a winner.