"The home of hometown heroes"

By Marcel Hernandez
BSW Contributor

It was a privilege to spend some time getting to know Tony Sentmanat, one of the country’s leading tactical trainers of military, law enforcement, and private civilians.  As we are about the same age, we were able to quickly relate, and we started by exchanging stories about our families.

“My grandparents came here from Cuba in the 1960s,” said Tony.  “My grandfather needed heart surgery, and they knew he could get quality medical help here in the U.S.  So my grandmother bought the plane tickets, and the day they landed…right there in the airport, my grandfather passed away.  Can you believe it bro?!”

His grandmother would later raise him, since his parents split up when Tony was two; his mother had to work while also attending school.  It’s no surprise, then, that his grandmother’s work ethic and passion for caring for her family and those around her, can be seen in Tony’s career, his approach to training, and his ability to motivate and push others to better themselves.

“Man, it was horrendous when my grandmother died.  I was 15.  I grew up in Carol City (Miami Gardens) and we later moved to Hialeah, so my mom and my grandmother got me into karate when I was four because they wanted me to learn to defend myself.”  This introduction into martial arts at an early age would later become a focal point for Tony’s training.  “I used to love watching Bruce Lee, and my grandmother came to every single one of my competitions.”  Tony trained in American-style boxing, Muay Thai, and Jui-Jitsu.

Around the same time his grandmother passed away, one of his cousin’s close friends was shot and killed due to gang-related issues.  This caused him to start to think differently…and he wondered what might await him outside of the challenges he faced everyday in Miami…so he focused on graduating so he could join the Marines.

Early on, Tony realized he was hungry for more, so rather than re-enlisting after four years, after a quick stint in security and executive protection, he pursued a career in law enforcement – specifically, SWAT, firearms training, and defensive tactics.  

If you’ve ever talked with Tony or watched any of his videos, you know the man is HIGH INTENSITY.  As such, he admitted he has always liked breaking the rules.  Because of this attitude, he is a pioneer in specialized training: physical training (weights and calisthenics) combined with fighting and weapons training.

Whether you are into fitness or not, get to know Tony.  Not only is he relatable, he will help you to know yourself and your potential on a much deeper level.

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