"The home of hometown heroes"

BSW To Partner With Local Leagues

By Mike Hastings

As we prepare to enter our third year of providing local sports coverage in Bellevue, the staff and contributors of the Sports Weekly have been discussing ways we can better reach our audience.

The BSW has been distributed for free through the schools and teams we we cover, as well as on newsstands across the city since we first published in 2014.  For the most part, this has been an effective way to get the paper out.  But we want to do better.

So we have decided to offer area schools and teams an opportunity to help get our paper in the hands of people who want to read the stories and see the photos of their favorite players, and at the same time raise some needed funds for their teams.

The Bellevue Sports Weekly will begin a circulation campaign in February with the goal of attracting 1,000 additional subscribers who would like to have the paper delivered to their homes.

I am planning a meeting later this month of booster clubs, coaches and parents to discuss ways to help us in this effort.

Right now, people can go on our website at www.bellevuesports weekly.com, and sign up for home delivery for $25 for six months.  Those interested in subscribing can write in which team they follow, and we will make a $10 donation to that team.

Not many people are aware of this, and it is our hope that by enlisting the help of the hometown heroes we cover, we can better get the word out.

We have already talked with a number of coaches and league organizers about these plans and have been greeted with enthusiasm.

If each player on a team of ten can sign up just five subscribers each, they can raise $500 for their team.

Some teams will use these funds for uniforms and equipment, some for travel expenses, and some for hardship scholarships.  But all have said they could always find a use for the money.

I will be calling and talking with the organizers I have been working with in the past, but I wanted to invite every sports team in the Bellevue community to participate.

You can call me directly at 615.891.7722 or write me at mike@bellevuesportsweekly.com and I will be happy to answer any questions.

I look forward to providing continued coverage of local sports in our town.  It has been so much fun and has been so fulfilling to do so these last two years.  I was truly touched by the comments and kind words coaches, administrators and parents wrote for our anniversary issue last month.

Now, in addition, I look forward to helping make it a little easier for even more kids to participate in the many great local sports programs, and then read all about it right at home!

As always, thanks to the leaders of the sports community for their input, ideas and support of our effort.

I look forward to meeting with you and talking with you more about these plans, and other ideas on how we can continue to do a better job for our readers.