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Dick's Sporting Goods Provide Vital Support

By Mike Hastings

It’s easy for large retailers to talk about being a good neighbor to the communities in which they build their stores, it’s quite another thing to step up to the plate and deliver.

That is exactly what the good people at Dick’s Sporting Goods have done for Bellevue.  They have invested in our leagues and thanks to their support, more families, in safer environments, can enjoy the many benefits that sports provide.

“Without the help of Dick’s Sporting Goods, the WNSL could not provide the quality youth sports programs that the community deserves,” said WNSL president Scott Tygard.

“The DSG Community Program is the most helpful sponsorship program of any corporation that the WNSL has encountered,” Tygard added.

“For the past ten years, DSG has helped the WNSL through cash donations, sports kits that provide equipment for teams, bonus bucks and shop days provide top notch facilities and scholarships for many players in all our sports,” Tygard said.

The WNSL is not the only organization DSG supports in Bellevue.  The store also has strong ties with the Bellevue Steelers, the Bellevue Sports Athletic Association, the Harpeth Youth Soccer Association and many others.

“Dick’s Sporting Goods is truly committed to helping sustain and grow youth sports, which is a true passion of mine also,” said Jennifer Evans, DSG’s Community Marketing Manager.

“Our belief is that playing sports builds character, increases confidence and motivates kids to stay in school,” Evans said.

“In my position, I am encouraged to support all of the local youth leagues in my area.  DSG provides me with cash, equipment, coupons and discount shop days to give out to my community partners.  It’s incredible to me.  What I do on a daily basis is provide support for more kids to play - it’s a dream job!” she said.

And her efforts have not gone unnoticed by Bellevue league leaders.

“I have worked with Jennifer for four years and she has always been a pleasure to work with,” said David Bonner, athletic director of the Steelers.

“The commitment of Dick’s Sporting Goods to youth programs such as ours has given us the opportunity to purchase the best equipment possible to make our sport better and safer for the children who play,” Bonner added.

And after the great flood in 2010 caused unbelievable damage to the fields at the BSAA,  DSG was one of the first companies to come to the rescue.

“The flood was devastating, our fields were ruined, the scoreboard destroyed, but thanks to the contribution from companies like Dick’s, we were able to rebuild and buy a new scoreboard,” said Todd Snead, BSAA president.

“Their continued support helps us maintain the fields and provide thousands of dollars in equipment and coupons to our families,” Snead added.

It’s not every day that you find companies so dedicated to their community, but when you do, they need to be recognized, and thanked