"The home of hometown heroes"

by Mike Hastings

BSW Staff

Dr James Moore is a busy man.

The Bellevue chiropractor opened his practice here in 1998 and has seen his client list continue to grow.  But that’s not the main reason he’s so busy.  Both his children are extremely active in community sports, and as many of you can relate, that brings busy to a whole new level.

“Sports keep us very busy, but that’s a very good thing,” Dr Moore says.

“Besides the exercise, keeping the kids busy helps keep them out of trouble.  We have very little down time,” he said.

Son Forrest is a 7th grader and daughter Caroline is a 5th grader, both at Christ Presbyterian Academy.  Forrest is a football player and Caroline is a soccer player.

“Being an active part of the community is very important,” Dr Moore said.  “We’ve developed very close relationships being a part of travel soccer,” he said, adding that the family had soccer commitments 42 weekends last year.

That love of family and sports has been a part of Dr Moore since his childhood.

“My dad played college football and mom was a former PE teacher,” he said.  “I always remember them exercising and keeping busy, playing adult softball.  It was important to them and I picked up on that.

“I was always interested in nutrition and fitness and knew I wanted to get involved in that,” Dr Moore said.

In high school, he played basketball and football and ran track. It was also there that he met the love of his life, wife Ginger.

The couple married in 1993.  The couple moved to Atlanta where Dr Moore entered chiropractic school at Life University.  He graduated in 1997 and took his first job in Tennessee, in Knoxville.

He moved to Bellevue when he had the opportunity to purchase the practice of Dr Linda Rucki.  He changed the name to Harpeth Chiropractic in 1998.

Dr Moore says his practice has enjoyed a slow and steady growth since, giving 90 percent of the credit for that to referrals and word of mouth.

“I believe in giving the patient what they want, treat them for what’s troubling them,” he said.

He said he is an active member in the group Chiro-Trust.

“The philosophy is to deal with the pain that the patient is feeling,” he said.

“We want to get you fixed, not push you to keep coming back,” he stressed.

Besides working with patients with degenerative issues that require spinal decompression therapy. Dr Moore also works with patients suffering sports injuries like pulled muscles and tendinitis using Class 4 laser therapy.

“We have grown because people trust us to use our expertise to fix them, because they don’t have time to be in pain,” he said.

Takes a busy man to understand that.

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