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Eagles Win Big Rematch With Smyrna

It was a rematch game that previously gave the Eagles their first win of the season. This time the Bulldogs were traveling to Nashville to get their revenge! The game started with the Eagles getting the ball. They turned on the run game and rushed down the field, where Christian Blivens - #11, scored the go ahead touchdown.

The Bulldogs now determined to tie the game up tried sweeps and smashes but were denied by the Eagles outside force, consisting of Mechki Elliott - #55 and Donnie McDonald - #4.

The Eagles took over on downs but were stopped short of the goal line before time ran out at the half.

Halftime score 7-0, Eagles

Coming out of the half, the Bulldog had no answer for the Eagles fierce defense that prevented any momentum out of the gate. Giving the ball back to the Eagles. This time it was Kolby Spencer - #44 that marched down the field behind his lineman, Riley Akers - #54, Brayden “Evan” Crutchfield - #1, Austin Stephens - #50, Brayden McDonald - #20, and Owen Wilkerson - #56 to give the Eagles the 14-0 lead.

The Eagles were able to regain the ball after an onside kick recovered by Kolby Spencer - #44. This allowed them to run down the clock using Matthew Edens - #40 and Mechki Elliott - #55 as Running backs. Blocks were put on the Bulldogs secondary by Christian Blivens - #11, Kingston Koch - #80, and Ty’Marius Muse - #10 to allow another Eagles touchdown run by Donnie McDonald - #4.

The Bulldogs came back out on offense but time was not on their side. Any runs up the middle were being denied the Eagle linebackers Gabe Springer - #22, Brayden McDonald - #20, and Kolby Spencer - #44. Any cutback were halted by the corners Mechki - #55 and Donnie - #4 and Defensive Ends Mathew Edens - #40 and Christian Blivens - #11. The game ended with the Bulldogs running out of time. The Eagles were able to defeat the Bulldogs 21-0 to go 3-1 in their last 4 games.

The Eagles were Coached by Tim Akers, Freeman Spencer, and Nick Koch