"The home of hometown heroes"

HYSA Plants ELM Trees During Campaign

By John Stayskal
BSW Contributor

On Saturday August 20 the fall season of HYSA soccer began with opening day ceremonies that included the dedication of an ELM tree representing the values of our organization, in conjunction with the Positive Coaching Alliance, a world renowned sports consulting group whose motto is “Better Athletes, Better People”.


•    Our athletes put fourth their best effort, regardless of the score of the game.  Through great effort in any life endeavor, anything is possible.

•    We are always trying to learn more about the game of soccer, and of the pursuits of our lives.  

•    Finally, our coaches and parents cultivate a playing environment that encourages players to take risks and to learn and grow from our mistakes.

Each and every athlete has control of these ideals.  Athletes control their effort, their willingness to learn, and their willingness to take calculated risks and to make mistakes.  

Secondly, we respect our roots.  “ROOTS” stands for RULES, OPPONENTS, OFFICIALS, TEAMMATES AND SELF:

•    Rules: We follow the rules of the game because they provide boundaries within which we can compete fairly, and compete to honor the beautiful game of soccer.

•    Opponents: Without worthy opponents, we would not have healthy competition and the challenges that make us better players.  We respect our opponents at all times.

•    Officials: Our officials are trained in the rules of the game.  All officials are also human beings who have a love for the game.  Please leave the officiating of the game to our officials, and allow them to occasionally make mistakes too.  

•    Teammates: Without teammates, you do not have a team.  We work collaboratively with our teammates to succeed, both on the field and off the field.

•    Self: Self awareness and self-respect are key components to being a great teammate. 

On Saturday, August 13th we planted an American Elm tree firmly into the turf of our wonderful complex.  This tree will signify our club values for all of the stakeholders of this organization.  We will nurture and protect this tree, just like we will nurture and protect our club culture. 

Several teams participated in the dedication ceremonies by putting cups of dirt and water on the tree, including one team coached by Steve Willis and one team coached by Matt Irwin.