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Girls Getting In On The Action at WNSL

By Carly Hill
BSW Contributor

Each Fall Saturday, over 1,000 children take to the fields to play baseball and flag football at West Nashville Sports League’s Warner Park facilities. 

While typically thought of as boys sports, WNSL has many young girls hitting the fields to learn the sports of baseball and flag football. 

Look anywhere on the internet and you can find debates on letting girls play traditionally “boy sports.” But at WNSL, we believe that everyone should have the chance to be involved in a sport they love. 

Symone Stewart-Wright, semi-pro tackle football player with Ladies’ American Football League champions Music City Misfitz, is a 5-time flag football coach in the WNSL. She believes that girls can benefit from playing mixed-gender sports; 

“I think it’s great for girls to play male-dominant sports like football and baseball because it plays a big role in building confidence and resilience in young athletes”

“As they continue playing,” says Stewart-Wright, “their teammates will grow to understand that the girls can do anything the boys can and don’t deserve to be treated any differently.”

To see all of our players in action, come out to Warner Park every Saturday through October. 


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To find out more information about how you can get your son or daughter involved in WNSL sports, check out wnsl.org.