"The home of hometown heroes"

  Gymnasts are passionate athletes who love their sport from an early age, and their passion is contagious.

  Just ask Brynn Crady, the gymnastics director at Boost FitClub. “In the four years I’ve been here I have developed a real passion for the sport,” says Crady, a former basketball player.    “My husband laughs at me when I talk in the lingo like I’ve been a gymnast all my life,” she says.

  Today Brynn and assistant director Wes Oakes manage the program at Boost, and its 500 recreational students and 40-member competitive team. They lead a staff of 5 full-time and 20 part-time employees that include coaches and trainers.

  “The program has been here since 1978,” Brynn said.  For years it was known as Westside Gymnastics, but changed names when Boost FitClub purchased the facility.

  “A lot of parents start their children at a young age, to help them with motor skills, balance and confidence,” Brynn explained.

 “The kids are just looking to have fun! “So we develop programs that couple physical fitness with fun,” she said. As a child interest  in competition grows, they are able to try out for the team. “It is all skilled based. Our programs are based on USA Gymnastics curriculum, certain skills have to be achieved,” Brynn explained.

  “It’s important that we teach the same requirements so they have a strong foundation to build on if they choose to enter the competitive level,” she said. And if a student does decide to move to the next level, Brynn feels her team is ready to offer a unique experience.

  “From the competitive team standpoint, being a part of Boost gives us a unique opportunity to use the facilities,” Brynn explained, adding that the team takes advantage of the fieldhouse, pool and workout areas.

  “We can incorporate strength and conditioning,” she said.  The team uses the turf to run 40-yard sprints and swim laps in the Olympic-sized pool. “We also take advantage of Boost’s Functional Movement Screening,” Brynn said.  

  “We are able to use all of these tools to better train our athletes,” she said adding, “No other club offers that.”

  Wes said that they have hired strength and conditioning trainers and coaches to work with their students, from stretching to recovery. “These guys really prepare them for the workout and help them recover afterward,” he said.  

  “We also teach the kids about the benefits of proper nutrition,” he said. “It’s a team effort with all our coaches,” Brynn said. 

  “It’s all part of the program.” And so is passion and enthusiasm, and that’s very contagious.

Westside Gymnastics Lives on at Boost FitClub