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Inline Hockey Opens Spring Season

This past weekend was the opening weekend for the Youth Incorporated Inline Hockey spring season.  The weekend was filled with competitive games and great weather.  

What really made the weekend successful was the first session of Youth Incorporated Inline Hockey’s Free 6U Program.  

The brain of two YIIH coaches, the 6U program provides children and families a free outlet for athletics in an age appropriate setting.  

Practice and games for the 6U program both take place on Sunday.  

The program is one hour long and is split into two parts: practice and a game.  Games for the program are played only using half the rink and no score is kept.  

The program is free to participants, with the only expense the families being the equipment to play.  

The opening day for this program went great with smiling faces, happy parents, and a fun game of hockey.

For more information about Youth Incorporated Inline hockey please visit youthinchockey.com.