"The home of hometown heroes"

by Mike Hastings

BSW Staff Writer

The Christ Presbyterian girls basketball team is made up of unselfish mates, each willing to play whatever role is necessary to help their team win.  And Isabella Franco loves that.

Izzy is only a freshman, so she leaves the leadership role to her older teammates.  She’s one of many scoring options on the team, so one night she’ll score 20 or more points, others less than 10.  That’s ok too.

She has a disarming smile, and the heart of a Lion. She is a key piece to CPA’s undefeated season and a credit to her school as a 4.0 student. For these reasons and more, we honor her as our Athlete of the Week.

Izzy was born in her parent’s native Honduras in 1999.  In 2000, the family moved to America and settled in Nashville.  The Franco’s were soccer fans, but encouraged their daughters to try out different sports.

Izzy’s big sister Adela, another key player on the Lady Lions, tried her hand at a number of sports before finally focusing on basketball.  Little sister followed her footsteps.

“I started playing for school teams in the 6th grade and I knew then I wanted to focus on basketball,” Isabella said.

She started training hard in the summer months and played on travel teams.  She enrolled at CPA in the 7th grade.

“I love this school.  All of my teachers and coaches aren’t all about just teaching, they’re helping make me a better person,” Izzy said.

“What I love about Izzy is the time she puts into it,” Coach Becky LeGate said.

“She works extremely hard, she wants to win.  She’s always ready to practice and become a better player. She has improved in every facet this year,” the coach said.

“She is a genuine person - you can talk straight to her and she listens. She’s just fun to be around,” LeGate added.

So what are some of her long-term goals?  “I hope to play in college. My favorite team is Belmont, because that’s where all my coaches went and I have former teammates there,” Izzy said.

What about the short term?  “I want to give 100 percent in every practice and game, for my coaches and my teammates,” she says. “I want to win.

“I love every one of my teammates.  We have grown a lot together,” she says.

“We really push each other.  When someone’s down, someone else will pick them up and you just keep going,” she said.

“Our goal is to just spend one more day together - to just keep winning.  If we do that, the state title will come with it, and that’s what we all want. It’s not time to hang up the sneakers yet,” Izzy says.

Athlete of the Week - Isabella Franco