"The home of hometown heroes"

   Members of the West Side Taekwondo team recently completed the required testing and earned new belts from the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation.
   Whitney Mione, an instructor at the martial arts school, said the following students were noted:
   First Grade Yellow Belts: Matthew Rice, Jadon Brinson; Second Grade Yellow Belts: Samantha Schutt, Dorien Shaffer, Carson Royster, Matthew Nichols, Morgan Nichols, Mikel Andrews, Ainsley Dancer, MaLeah Roberts, Beckett Minnis, Jon Lucas, Anjolie LeFlore, Anushri Ray, Christian Neal and Jeremiah Buckley; Fourth Grade Yellow: Abdul Tokhirov, Tyler Long, Antania Buchanan, Music Davidson, Isaac Miramontes, Savannah Pino and Calvin Crenshaw; First Green Belt: Adam Hafez; Second Green Belt: Marc Rice, Lily Sweets, Eva Hill and Diane Mensah; Fourth Grade Green Belts: Connor Wilson, Phadtharawadee Yimnoi and Chasen Singleton; First Grade Blue Belt: Lamont Jermyn and Genevieve Ehrlich; Second Grade Blue Belt: Emily Harley; First Grade Red Belt: Laura Barnes and Elvyn Agboto; Second Grade Red Belt: AnhTom Nguyen; First Black Belt Recommended: Daniel Agboto; First Degree Black Belt: Mariam Eshetu.
   Next testing is February 6th.

Local Karate Students Earn Belts