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Kohls Second Warrior to Sign With College

Daniel Kohls formally signed to play baseball for Spoon River College this season, becoming the second Hillwood High School and Post 5 Warrior to secure a college scholarship in the last two weeks.

Last week it was slugger Patrick Lockridge who signed with Campbellville University.  This week, it was the 6’5” fireballer’s turn.

“I’m just glad that after all these months talking with different schools, that Daniel made this decision himself,” said proud father Rob Kohls.

“We are very proud of Daniel and his decision.  The way he went about choosing where he wanted to go was key.  He came to the decision that Spoon River was the best place academically and getting to play baseball was a bonus.  That made his mother and I very happy,” Rob Kohls said.

“They brought out the red carpet for Daniel and that was really special,” he added.

“Daniel is one of the best top-quality kids I’ve ever coached,” said Randy Harrell, Daniel’s coach at Hillwood and Post 5.

“He has great character and is a great person.  This opportunity is a God-send for him,” Harrell added.

“Spoon River is trying to rebuild their program from the ground up and I told the coach if you want someone who will listen to instruction, work extremely hard and do whatever it takes, they got the right player in Daniel Kohls,” the coach said.

Harrell added that he was very happy to see his players continue their baseball careers.

“It means a lot to me.  My number one job as a coach is to get kids to the next level.  It’s a compliment to our team and our school and I’m very proud of it,” Harrell said.