By Gene Sieders
BSW Contibutor

William Shakespeare wrote “and though she be but little she is fierce” and nothing could be more fitting to describe H G Hill Middle School 5th grade runner Mia Andrews.   

This little but fierce runner put on a show at Montgomery Bell Academy’s HVAC Middle School meet on April 26th.   

Mia was the only 5th grade runner in the 1600 meter race against a pack of 6-8 grade middle school girls.   

She showed impressive composure settling in for the first 800 meters,four spots back from the leader.  

As the grind of the four lap race progressed Mia was able to pick off the next two runners after 1200 meters and passed the lead runner on the final lap for a sub 6 min 1600 meter run.   

As Mia came down the final 100 meter stretch, you could see the grit and determination that makes her so fierce.   A true competitor!  

Mia has done well for herself this year winning both the 100 meter and 1600 meter Championships in the Nashville Youth Athletic Developmental Track Series that concluded in April 2017.   

In the fall, she strung together an excellent set of performances.  

Mia achieved 4th place in the Nashville City Cross Country Championship, 3rd Place in the Mid State Regional Cross Country Qualifier, and wrapped up 5th Place in the Tennessee State Cross Country Championship.

Little Girl Comes Up Big in Track Meet

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