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HYSA Players Learn Love of the Game

By Alicia Steinhilber
BSW Contributor

Nashville FC Youth/HYSA celebrated its partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance by hosting its seasonal “Honor the Game Day” this past Saturday, a reminder of the importance of sportsmanship and respect in sport and focusing on mastery over winning.  Over 1,000 “We Honor the Game here” stickers were worn by parents, grandparents, and players to promote the ROOTs of Honoring the Game, an acronym that stands for better respecting Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.  

PCA explains how we best respect these aspects:


The rules of soccer have been developed and modified for a reason. Rules keep the game fair, and they also keep athletes safe. Don’t try to work against the rules or bend them; respect the role they play in our sport.


As you want respect, give respect to your opponents. As Jim Thompson of PCA suggests in his book, “fierce and friendly” opponents are what we should strive to be and have in competition.


Officials are doing the best they can to enforce the rules and maintain a safe environment for play. They are people too, doing the best they can, and there is never an excuse for disrespecting officials.


Make your teammates proud by doing the best you can (on and off the field) and by supporting them in all their efforts.


Finally, and most importantly, you have to respect yourself in order to uphold an honorable approach to sports. Set high standards and live up to them.

The club offered its own actionable steps for each and every game day.  

* Talk to your child about your family’s values and how honoring the game fits in

* Cheer with no verbs on the sidelines

* Celebrate both teams

* Leave coaching to the coach!  Enjoy watching your child play! 

* Whether your child’s team wins or loses, tell them, “I love to watch you play.”