"The home of hometown heroes"

 By Stetson Marlin
BSW Contributor

Mickey Martin tragically passed away July 30th, 2015. While he is gone from this Earth now, he left a legacy. He was a friend to so many people, people from all over. He would go out of his way to talk to someone or even help them out. This past Thursday a stone monument honoring the memory of Mickey was placed at the Nashville Christian football field. On the monument, the top reads MM7, and etched on the three sides are Teammate, Brother and Friend which all perfectly described the young man Mickey was.

Robbie Jernigan Shearron shared, “What a testimony to the caliber of the person Mickey was. His memory will forever be etched in all of us that were blessed enough to know him.” Kim Shelton had this to say about Mickey and the person he was,”Mickey was a very special young man. He is missed so much. He impacted everyone that came in contact with him. His smile was contagious. To see this at the football field where he played, and to be there for all to see, it is all so special. It represents a part of our family.”

This monument will give us a great memory of Mickey. The monument was fittingly placed where the teammate side is facing the field for his team and coaches, and the friend side is toward the bleachers for the many friends, family, and classmates, and the brother side is facing everyone. Carla Collier said,”The perfection of the choosing of words and the heart of everyone that made this memorial happen from the idea, design and placement only confirms to me more how much one person impacted a whole community. Mickey Martin was one special young man and if you didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him, do a nice gesture tomorrow for someone, you will be honoring him. The stories of him amaze me! I love my #7!”

Many teammates last year would write MM7 on whatever they had. Many of the football players would write it on their cleats or tape, but everyone’s jersey had MM7 stitched into the jersey; football, basketball and baseball. The baseball players would write MM7 on the tape they wore on their wrist during the game as well.

Mickey was a tremendous athlete. He played football, basketball, and even baseball. He made so many friends while playing these sports. Austin Shelton, who played football with Mickey, stated,“To me, it means the good times we had with a friend, who was more of a brother who would do anything of us. We miss him everyday.”

He made an impact on everyone he met, but not only impacted his friends around him, but he also impacted his coaches as well. Coach Jeff Brothers, his football coach stated,”Mickey was a tremendous teammate, friend, and brother. His standard for

loving others will carry on here at NCS. I’m glad there will be something to remind us all of the kind of the person Mickey was, and the legacy he leaves.

Charlie Hunt, owner of Hunt Memorials crafted the monument in honor of Mickey with the help of his staff, using the artwork designed by Brian Marlin. The idea was first shown at the Balloon Releasing Event in Honor of Mickey’s life. Hunt Memorials left the type of finish on the stone so that when people touched the monument over time, it will absorb the oil from our hands and look well loved and worn.

The Nashville Christian Eagles Parent Association helped sell MM7 t-shirts that raised the money to purchase the monument to honor Mickey. Karen Marlin, a member of the EPA, said this about the monument,”This has been a labor of love for our whole NCS family, from the t-shirt sales to the monument design. We love Maggie and her family and miss Mickey so much, and we are honored to have been a part of this memorial.”

Nashville Christian wanted to honor Mickey and the person he was. The three words, Teammate, Brother, and Friend are the perfect description of who is was and how he lived his life. This monument will help all of us remember his legacy.

NCS Dedicates Memorial to Mickey Martin