"The home of hometown heroes"

The Middle Tennessee portion of the State Indoor Tournament for the TN Archery Association was hosted by Music City Archery this weekend.

The event was sanctioned by the National Field Archery Association.  More than 60 archers of all ages from across the state came to participate.  Archers shot a double 60 arrow round and the top scores from each division were submitted to determine the state champion. 

There will be two other tournament locations, one in west TN and one in east TN that will also send in scores for the championship.  

Music City Archery will host the USA Archery TN state championship the first weekend of March.  Information and registration for both events can be found on archeryevents.com and will be held at Grassland Heights Baptist Church.

More information about Music City Archery can be found at MusicCityArchery.com.

Music City Club Hosts Tennessee Archers