"The home of hometown heroes"

By Mike Hastings

BSW Staff

There’s not many sporting events where parents, grandparents and kids can all compete side-by-side That’s the beauty of archery!

And Bellevue has one of the best archery clubs around.

The Music City Archers, a club formed by Jeff and Theresa Greer in 2013, has grown from a few enthusiasts who fired arrows in the back yards of local churches, to more than 100 members with their own facility.

“My husband and I got involved because our children wanted to get into archery,” Theresa said.

“Our kids were 10 and 13 years old.  We initially joined the Williamson County 4-H program in Franklin.  They were short on coaches so we got involved and qualified as coaches,” she said.

After a while, the Greer’s looked into starting their own club.

They started out hosting classes outside of Hope Park Church and Grassland Heights Baptist Church. Grassland offered them the use of their gymnasium so they could hold year-round classes.

Shortly after that, they opened their own facility at 511 Walkup Road off Highway 70 right at the Bellevue and Pegram line.

The MCA is a USA Archery chartered club.  That is the organization  that sponsors archery at the Olympic Games.

As a member of the MCA, archers are able to enter any USAA tournament nation wide.

“Adults and youths can win advancement pins, kind of like belts in karate,” Theresa explained.

“They progress till they get to the last three pins, which are bronze, silver and gold and come directly for the USAA,” she said.

One of the USAA’s coaches, Tom Niedermeyer helped the Greer’s get started by donating equipment to the club.

“That really helped us get started,” Theresa said.

Today, the Greer’s will provide the equipment, if needed. They often load up their truck and trailer and head out to church picnics and carnivals and set up demonstrations.

“We have attracted all ages and skill levels,” Theresa said.

“We have people in their 70’s and 8-year-olds.  We have experienced hunters, and others who have never picked up a bow,” she said.

One of the hunters, Tami Hornick, joined the clubs to prepare for deer season.

“I joined the club right before hunting season began,” she said

“It’s great to be with other people who shoot,” Tami said.  “I definitely got better.

“It’s even better if you have a competitive side,” Tami continued.

“You’re always trying to beat your previous score.  It’s an adrenaline rush when you let that arrow go,” she said.

“I love it!”

So whether you are an experienced hunter looking to sharpen your skills, or a beginner looking something fun for you or your whole family to get into, the Music City Archers just might be your bullseye.

To find out more about the club, check out their website, www.musiccityarchers.com, or visit them on Facebook at facebook/musiccityarchers, or call the Greers at 615.566.5187


MCA Archers Take Aim at Family Fun