HYSA Hosts Music City Invitational

"The home of hometown heroes"

The Music City Invitational Soccer tournament held in Bellevue October 14-16 was a huge success!  Teams from Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio and Indiana came out to compete in a weekend full of soccer fun.  Between games, players and their families were able to play mini-golf, corn hole, paint mini-pumpkins and take a ride on the inflatable slide!  Vendors throughout the weekend provided yummy food (Tom and Chee, Maggie Moo’s and Kettle Masters Kettle Corn were all in attendance).  Soccer USA and Star Systems provided lots of soccer items for players and their families to purchase during the weekend between games.  

Local teams from Nashville FC Youth played well and many were name Champions or Finalists in their respective divisions:

Under 9 Girls - Champion: NASHVILLE FC YOUTH  2008 Gold    SKY Pre Academy 08 Girls

Under 9 Boys - Champion: NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 08 Boys--white    MSC ‘08 Boys White

Under 10 Girls - Champion: NFC 07 WHITE    SKY Pre Academy 07 Girls

Under 10 Boys - Champion: FC Alliance 2007 Boys Black    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 07B Blue

Under 11 Girls Navy - Champion: LFC 06 Girls (White)    SKY Pre Academy 06 Girls

Under 11 Girls Yellow - Champion: Dynamo 06    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH White

Under 11 Boys Navy - Champion: NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 06 - Gold    06 Rapids Black

Under 11 Boys Yellow - Champion: Lightning    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 06 - White

Under 12 Girls Navy - Champion: Indiana Fire Juniors South 05G Select Red    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH Gold

Under 12 Girls Yellow - Champion: TSC 05 Girls Select    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH White

Under 12 Girls White - Champion: MFCY 05 Fury    Signal Mountain Storm 05, Thunderbolt

Under 12 Boys Navy - Champion: Sporting S.I. Zusi    LFC Boys Blue05

Under 12 Boys Yellow - Champion: LFC Boys 05 Grey    Revolution 05

Under 13 Girls - Champion: NASHVILLE FC YOUTH U13 Girls Gold    TSC 04 Girls Select

Under 13 Boys - Champion: LFC 04 White    LFC 04 Boys Red

Under 14 Girls SL - Champion: Murfreesboro FC Youth 03G Storm    NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 03 Girls Force

Under 14/15 Girls - Champion: Lexington FC 2003  Red    Murfreesboro Football Club Youth 02 The Heat

Under 14 Boys Navy - Champion: 2003 SRFC Black    SKY Academy 03

Under 14 Boys Yellow -Champion: Murfreesboro FC Youth 03B Revolution    Alliance Cincinnati 03B Black

Under 15 Boys - Champion: Music City FC Brazil 02    Southern States Academy B02

Under 16 Boys - Champion: Southern States Academy B01    Aris FC 01 Red

Under 18/19 Boys - Champion: NASHVILLE FC YOUTH 98B Odyssey    TUSC HS Boys Showcase