Sprouts is First to Open at One Bellevue Place

"The home of hometown heroes"

 By Tim Sittema
One Bellevue Place Developer

I am so appreciative of your support, encouragement and patience over these past few years as the redevelopment of the Bellevue Mall has been taking shape. There is a tremendous amount of support from the Bellevue residents and much anticipation about this long-awaited property transformation. Your continued pride in the community, amidst the failure of the old mall and the pall cast over the entire area, is part of what made Bellevue our choice for what is now One Bellevue Place.

The rebirth of the Bellevue Mall into One Bellevue Place has been taking place before your eyes since August of 2015 following the “Demolition Party” where nearly 5,000 of you came out to watch the end of the “old mall”. You then saw the demolition of the mall take place, regrading of the entire property and buildings start rising from the dust. At this point in time, asphalt is nearly complete, buildings are topping off and plans are being made for openings from some of the very first occupants of this exciting project. The first few merchants that will open at One Bellevue Place are Chili’s and Sprouts Farmers starting next week! Many more openings will follow in the weeks and months ahead and most occupants will be open before Thanksgiving of this year.

We are still recruiting new tenant prospects and they need to hear all the positive results so they, too, will choose One Bellevue Place. Our initial success truly does bring more success, allowing us to deliver to you a better offering of other tenants, restaurants and merchants that will enhance the vibrancy and energy of this wonderful community.

Here is where I need your help – let’s show them that Bellevue embraces its new neighbors.

Let’s support our new businesses with sales success right out of the gate!

News travels fast, especially today with social media, about sales performance, crowd size at openings, and the general buzz surrounding a project’s earliest days. These all speak to the level of support from the community and how well the community is embracing the new project. If the cash registers ring and ring the first days and weeks after the initial openings, with friendly, supportive crowds coming out in droves, a buzz of success is created that is almost palpable. The news travels to other residents in surrounding areas who also want to experience the excitement for themselves. Along with you, these other shoppers help ensure the longer-term success of the retailers. As this occurs, One Bellevue Place will become a community-wide amenity which will further enhance the vibrancy of the wonderful Bellevue community.

So, I would like to make a personal appeal to all of you that next Monday, July 31st and Wednesday, August 2nd, when Chili’s and Sprouts Farmers Market open (respectively), you encourage your friends and neighbors to join you as we all support these new merchants who have made a significant investment in the Bellevue Community. Let’s welcome these new businesses with crowds that they will be talking about for a long time. Let’s support Bellevue!

Thanks in advance for your wonderful support.