"The home of hometown heroes"

Youth Teams Active in HYSA Rec League

By Andrea Black
BSW Contributor

Team Sweden took on Team Brazil Saturday in the U7 Boys Division at HYSA.  
Team Brazil played well all day.  They had field spacing, pressure defense, passing, and scoring all around.  

Team Brazil really worked well as a team and had a balanced day of assists and scoring from all team members.  

Team Sweden fought hard and had to play the entire game with no substitutions.  

Team Sweden did great hustling, playing pressure defense, and attacking on offense.  

Sweden was able to sneak in two goals for the day, both scored by Maddox Black.  

Team Brazil pulled off the win but all the boys played great and showed great sportsmanship posing for pictures after the game.

Team USA and Team Sweden went head to head this Saturday.  

It was a hard fought game and both teams played really well. 

 Both teams had great offensive attacks and the Goal Keepers Tanner James (USA) and Audrey Dunlap (Sweden) were able to make several saves and block several shots.  

Team USA had one goal scored by Reese Fogaros.  

Team Sweden finish off the game with 4 goals.  Meg Kirkpatrick had a HAT TRICK scoring 3 goals on the day.  

Karsyn Makenzie Black added a goal late in the game as well.  It was a great soccer match and both teams posed for a picture after the game.