"The home of hometown heroes"

On July 30, 2015, Nashville Christian lost an incredible young man to a tragic car accident. Mickey Gale Martin was an excellent student, a talented athlete and a loving and generous friend. We asked some of his teachers and coaches to share their thoughts about Mickey and what a special person he was. Here’s what they had to say:

My favorite memories of Mickey are of the time we spend at the City of Children in Mexico. I loved his enthusiasm and willingness to help anytime he was asked. He had natural way of reaching out and making sure everyone felt included in all the events and activities. Without a doubt Mickey was a special young man. One of my advanced student’s drew a sketch from a photo taken on the trip. He is hugging one of the special needs children. I keep it on my bulletin board, it inspires me. – Donna Torrez, art teacher

Mickey had a personality that was contagious.  He always seemed to have a positive feeling, and everyone around him was influenced by that.  Whether he was with adults or other students, Mickey impacted us with a feeling of confidence and a positive outlook. – Brian Bishop, high school principal

The thing that impressed me the most about Mickey was his fearlessness. No matter what the situation was, he was going to give you everything he had.  From a coach’s point of view he was the player that you had to have on your team. He had such a positive and infectious personality that he made everyone around him better. I am so grateful that I had the time that I did with him. I think of him often, and when I do it makes me want to live my life more like he did. Fearless of the situation, and excited to show everyone how great you can be. 

Love ya Mick – Ben Williams, baseball coach

As an athlete, he was always in the public eye, but Mickey was also about the “little things” in life. Hearing that a student needed shoes and buying them; telling me to give a freshmen a chance in a game; I say “stop” in practice instead of blowing a whistle, so he bought a stop sign for our locker room for everyone to sign; shaking my hand almost every day in the hall; bragging so much on my wife’s strawberry-lemonade till she made him more.  Those are things I’ll always remember. – Mike McPherson, basketball coach

One of the things I remember about Mickey the most is how he lived with such joy.  He never let situations, good or bad, affect his spirit. His acceptance of all people, his compassion for the less fortunate and his unconditional giving were truly remarkable qualities that he fleshed out every day. – Jeff Brothers, football coach

Mickey was the kind of young man you knew you could go to if another student was having a hard time fitting in or needed encouragement, but I never had to because Mickey always knew when others were struggling and was always there to be a friend to those who needed one. 

I was so proud of Mickey last school year.  He made it his goal to make all A’s and be on the Principal’s List.  

I can still see that smile standing in my office door way holding his report card with his Principal’s List Ribbon. - Janet King, college counselor

Nashville Christian Remembers Mickey Martin