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Shamrocks Capture BSAA 10U Title

By Shalene Grinder
Special to BSW

The league tournament wrapped up last week for the 10-U softball division.  It was a week of rain delays and reschedules.  Fortunately, the games were rescheduled and we were able to play ball. 

At the end of league play, the Starz were first, Smashers were 2nd, Shamrocks came in 3rd, Blue Jays were 4th and Divas were 5th.  

The brackets were set for the double elimination tournament and everyone wanted to win it all. 

 The first round of games was Tuesday night. Game play was started by the Blue Jays and Divas.  The Divas pulled out a close one with a score of 8-7. 

 Playing on another field were the Smashers and Shamrocks.  Pitching for the Smashers were MaKenzie Black for three innings with five strikeouts and Luci Grinder pitched one inning with two strikeouts.  

On the mound for the Shamrocks was Madeline Barnett for three innings with a total of five strikeouts and Sloane Hansen pitched 1 inning to close it out.  

The Shamrocks had several good hits.  Madden Hanson,  Sloane Hansen, Katie Green each hit a single.  Bailey Lynch hit two singles and scored one run. 

Jenna Peterson,  Bailey Elliot,  Bella Grace Berrell, Caroline Acrey, Natalie White, and Charlotte Winkler all scored one run. Katie Green crossed the plate twice. 

The Smashers came out swinging too.  Eva Meacham hit a double and was able to score once. MaKenzie Black hit a double and a single contributing one run to the score.  Luci Grinder had a hot bat and hit a single, a double and a triple while scoring twice for the team.  

Tayler Tanksley doubled and Hannah McCormick got a single.  Lizzy Meacham and Caroline Hickernell each scored a run.  Sydney Manning and Layla Newcomb each had a single and a run as well. 

 Unfortunately for the Smashers,  they were one run short and lost the game to the Shamrocks. The final score was 9 Shamrocks and 8 Smashers.  

Despite winning their first game against the Blue Jays, the Divas  were up next against the first place team of the season, who had a bye for the first round. The Divas played hard but lost the second game of their tournament.  The score was Starz 13 and Divas 4.

Some of the Wednesday night games were rained out, but the Starz and the Shamrocks worked hard to get in half a game.  The game was delayed and play resumed on Thursday.  It was a hard fought game with the Shamrocks coming out on top.  The score was Shamrocks 9 and Starz 8.  

The Smashers had the blue Jays to deal with on Wednesday.   Luckily they got in enough innings that the game was completed. 

After their loss to the Shamrocks earlier in the week, the Smashers were determined to win.  

The Blue Jays were feeling good due to their recent win over the Divas.  

Luci Grinder pitched one inning and had one strikeout.  Makenzie Black pitched one inning and had three strike outs. 

 In the circle for the Blue Jays was Rachel Drake who pitched one inning with two strikeouts and Laniey Fortney who pitched one inning for one strikeout.  

Scoring for the Blue Jays was Emma Golczynski and Margaret Jordan and Amelia Hemby who all scored one run.  Rachel Drake and Catlin Erickson each singled and Catlin scored a run.  

Offensively, the Smashers worked hard.  Eva Meacham hit two singles and scored twice.  Kenzie Black, Luci Grinder, Layla Lucas, each singled and scored a run.  Sydney Manning and Layla Newcomb each scored once while Hannah McCormick had a single.  The final score was Smashers 7 and Blue Jays 4.  

 On Thursday, the tournament continued with a game between the Smashers and the Divas. It was the first of several games for the Smashers. 

On the pitching rubber for the Smashers to start the game was Lizzy Meacham, who had 1 strike out for first inning.  

Next up was Makenzie Black, who pitched three innings with six strikeouts.  

Pitching for the Divas was Megan Schelling who went three innings and had two strikeouts.  For the final inning, Emelia Egbert had one strikeout and Grace Simmons relieved her and finished the inning with two strikeouts.  

The Divas offense was lead by Harlie Ivey who had a double and two singles.  She scored once.  Megan Schelling had a double and scored one as well.  Aubrey Holland scored twice.   

Kendall Quinn, Zoe Harrington, Greer Jeffers and Emelia Egbert each scored one run.  Hitting a single was Grace Simmons, Molly Lane and Amelia Reese. 

The Smashers had hot bats and were ready to swing.  Eva Meacham hit two singles and scored 3 runs. Makenzie Black scored 3 runs. Luci Grinder, who was on fire in the batters box, had a double, triple and a home run for a total of 2 runs. Layla Lucas and Lizzy Meacham each hit and made it safely to first.  Tayler Tanksley hit 2 singles and scored twice, while Hannnah McCormick singled once and scored twice. Sydney Manning crossed the plate once and Layla Newcomb had a single and crossed home once.  The final score was Smashers 14 and the Divas 7.  

After a quick break, the Smashers played the Starz and both teams were looking for a win. Pitching for the Smashers was Luci Grinder for 3 innings and 6 strikeouts.  Makenzie Black pitched one inning and had 2 strikeouts. In the circle for the Starz was Brooklyn Baldwin pitching 3 innings and had 1 strikeout.  Karlee Downing pitched 1 inning and had 1 strikeout.  

The Smashers kept the bats hot for this game too and came out hitting hard.  Eva Meacham and Tayler Tanksley each singled and scored a run a piece.   MaKenzie Black hit a single and scored two runs.  Luci Grinder had a single and then crushed the ball out of the park for a grand slam hit.  She scored one run.  Layla Lucas also had a couple of long, hard hits for a double and a triple.  She scored once.  Hannah McCormick and Sydney Manning each scored one run.  Lizzy Meacham hit a double and scored twice.  Layla Newcomb had a double and scored once, while Caroline Hickernell hit a single.  

The Starz struggled at the plate.  Raelyn Heightman hit a single.  Brooklyn Baldwin hit a double and a single.  Karlee Downing got a triple and McKenzie Jennette scored the team’s 1 run for the game. The final score was Smashers 10 and Starz 1.

Win and play so the Smashers took a quick break and started their 3rd game of the night.  They played the Shamrocks.  Pitching for the Shamrocks was the experienced and reliable Madeline Barnett who pitched 4 innings and had 7 strikeouts. She allowed 2 hits and 1 walk.  Luci Grinder was on the mound for the Smashers.  She pitched 2 innings and had 3 strikeouts.  Kenzie Black pitched the last 2 innings and had two strikeouts.  

The Shamrocks were on their game and had several good hits.  Madeline Barnett hit a single and scored a run.  Mia Thompson crossed the plate twice and Katie Green once.  Bailey Lynch hit a double and scored. Bailey Elliot and Bella Grace Berrell each crossed the plate once.  Jenna Peterson hit a single.  

The Smashers continued swinging their bats but the fatigue showed.  Eva Meacham hit a single and scored a run.  Makenzie Black scored the other run for the Smashers. Luci Grinder, Layla Lucas, Hannah McCormick and Layla Newcomb each hit a single.  The final score was Shamrocks 7 and Smashers 2.  

The Shamrocks won the tournament.  Final tournament standings were; 1. Shamrocks  2. Smashers 3. Starz 4. Divas and 5. Blue Jays. 

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