"The home of hometown heroes"

By Shalene Grinder
BSW Contributor

Softball season is in full swing at BSAA.  The 12-U Smashers were able to play one game on Friday and a double header on Saturday afternoon.  

Friday night lights were on for the Smashers vs. Diamonds game.  Pitching for the Diamonds was Megan Schelling, Grace Simmons and Rachel Drake.    On the mound for the Smashers was Brooklyn Baldwin with a strikeout, to lead off the game and Kenzie Black, one strikeout for the next inning and Luci Grinder for two innings and three strikeouts. 

The Smashers came out swinging and it paid off for them.  Lead hitter Brooklyn Baldwin had 2 singles and scored three runs. Kenzie Black hit a huge home run, two singles a double and was able to score twice.  Luci Grinder hit two triples, a single and scored three times.  Layla Lucas hit a double and scored twice.  Tayler Tanksley hit two doubles, a single and was able to score twice. Eva Meacham singled and scored two times. Lizzy Meacham hit two singles and scored twice.  McKenzie Kerr singled and scored one.

Battling at the plate for the Diamonds was Megan Schelling, Maggie Clark , Mary Porter and Emma Reese each scoring one run.  Harlie Ivey scored twice.  Ariana Hodge singled. Kendall Quinn hit two singles and scored twice.  Rachel Drake scored 1 and hit for a double. 

The final score was Smashers 17 and Diamonds 8. 

Less than 24 hours later, the Smashers and Diamonds were playing again.  It was the first hot Saturday of the year and the girls were feeling the heat.  On the mound for the Diamonds was Grace Simmons and she had one strike out for the game.  Lead off pitcher for the Smashers was Brooklyn Baldwin who threw for the first inning.  Kenzie Black pitched two innings with four strikeouts and Luci Grinder pitched two innings and had one strikeout.  

It was a close game with both teams hitting well.  For the Diamonds, Ariana Hodge singled and scored two.  Emma Reese singled and hit a big homerun.  She scored two runs. Maggie Clark doubled and scored two times. Grace Simmons scored one. Megan Schelling singled and scored one. Rachel Drake singled and scored two. Mary Porter hit two  singles and scored while Aubrey Holland hit a single. 

The home team was the Smashers, which provided them a much-needed last at bat.  Brooklyn Baldwin lead off with a single and scored two.  Kenzie Black hit two singles and scored. Luci Grinder hit two singles and scored twice.  Layla Lucas singled and scored.  Reese Anderson hit two singles and scored twice. Tayler Tanksley hit two singles and scored twice. Lizzy Meacham scored one time.  Eva Meacham scored  and hit a big single that scored the winning run for the Smashers.  The final score was Smashers 12 and Diamonds 11. 

With the first game taking extra time, the next game had a delayed start. It was the Smashers vs. the Shamrocks to compete for the second game of the double header.   On the mound for the Smashers throwing for the first inning was Brooklyn Baldwin.  The second inning was Kenzie Black with one strikeout and Luci Grinder had the third inning with a strike out.  Pitching for the Shamrocks was Madeline Barnett for an inning with a strikeout and Katie Green for two innings with two strikeouts. 

Hitting for the Shamrocks Madden Hansen who hit a double and scored two. Madeline Barnett singled and scored. Katie Green scored. Natalie White scored two. Mia Thompson singled.  Bailey Elliott scored one.

Brooklyn Baldwin, the Smashers lead off batter, scored.  Kenzie Black singled and doubled. Luci Grinder singled and scored. Layla Lucas singled, tripled and scored three. Reese Anderson singled, hit a monster home run and scored three runs. Tayler Tanksley hit a single and scored three.  Eva Meacham singled, doubled and scored.  Lizzy Meacham singled and scored three.  Emilia Egbert singled.  

The final score was Smashers 15 and Shamrocks 7. 

Softball Action Heats Up at BSAA