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Storm Rips Roof Off BSAA Dugouts

Storms that carried high winds not only canceled sports action this week in Bellevue, they also wreaked havoc one of the city’s best sports facilities.

The roof was ripped off the dugout at Reese Smith Jr ballpark and tossed into the parking lot.

“We just built that field in 2014, its our showcase,” said BSAA’s Todd Sneed. The field is the home of the Post 5 Warriors and Ensworth Middle School and Bellevue Middle School teams.

The storms gave BSAA volunteers even more to do now, as they will try to repair the damage before play starts on April 1st.

The BSAA facility, originally known as the Bellevue Babe Ruth Ballpark, started in 1971. At the time the ballpark was one of only a few Babe Ruth ballparks in all of Nashville. Teams from all over Nashville were represented at the park.

In the early 1980’s the Bellevue Exchange Club received the deed for the original part of the property from Reese Smith Jr.  Over the next 20 years three more fields were built to accommodate the growth of baseball as well as the addition of girls’ softball.