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Team Sweden Beats Team Brazil 

By Andrea Black
Special to BSW

Two very talented teams went head to head on this very hot Saturday.  Team Sweden vs. Team Brazil.  
Both teams really hustled and played great.  The final score was Sweden 3 and Brazil 1.  

Sweden’s goals were scored by Meg Kirkpatrick, Kelly Connor, and Grayson Brunner.  Sweden had a real team effort with both offense and defense. 

 Sweden’s goalkeeper, Audrey Dunlap, saved multiple shots and showed her great hands from the threatening offense of Brazil.  

Sweden had solid offensive play from Isabella Glaser, Anna Ratterman, Rachel Witherspoon, Caroline Kirkby, and Kaitlin Sloan with constant pressure, movement of the ball, great passing, and several shot attempts. 

Sweden’s defense was stellar, allowing only one goal.  The pressure defense stood strong with Karsyn Makenzie Black, Caroline Jeffords, Grayson Brunner, Kayleigh Mason, and Audrey Dunlap.  

They all did a great job of stopping the ball, controlling the ball, and passing up the field to set up the offense.  

Brazil’s goal was scored by Katie Munday.  Brazil worked hard on both sides of the field as well.  Brazil’s offense really worked well together and also had great ball movement, footwork, passes, and several shot attempts.  

The offense was lead by Katie Munday, Miller Schmonsky, Maggie Mcrae, Marin McDonnell, Sarah Kopf, Kathryn Hutson, and Mia Thompson. 

Brazil’s defense did a great job of working together an containing Sweden.  Brazil’s pressure defense was lead by Molly Kate Dixon, Marin McDonnell, Cecelia Spencer, Anna Kate Rosenblatt, Katie Munday, and Lucy Trailov.  

The goalkeeper, Margaret Jordan, showed off her athleticism by making several impressive stops.  

The game was a great one to watch and both teams really gave it their all.  Team Sweden won against a very talented Brazil team.  Hats off to both teams for great sportsmanship and giving it their all on the field.