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Westside TKD Announces Award Winners

  Well over 100 people attended the Christmas Banquet and Awards at West Side Taekwondo in December! 

  There was plenty of food and gratitude. This year was also the first year for our awards ceremony. These awards were given to the students that modeled the Tenets of Taekwondo as best they could at all times.

  The Courtesy Award, for consistently showing the highest amount of respect and kindness to fellow students, instructors and the environment, went to Manasvi Dasari and Kirsten Ehrlich.

  The Integrity Award, for consistently showing the highest amount of honesty in every situation, went to Rose Barnes and Matthias Lopez.

  The Perseverance Award, for consistently showing a strong work ethic and good technique in class, went to Deniz Ustunkaya and Alisa Gilchuk.

  The Self-Control Award, for consistently setting a good example of good behavior for all students at all times, went to Christopher Silva and Elijah Bunting.

  The Indomitable Spirit Award, for having the will to not be discouraged, and for never letting anything hold them back from achieving their goal, went to Raphael See and Maxwell Myers.

  The Black Belt Attitude Award, for consistently demonstrating the best attitude, technique, work ethic, and for always following the Tenets of Taekwondo, went to Tess Scherrer and Addison Ripmaster.

  Adam Hafez was awarded the trophy for West Side Taekwondo’s 2017 Competitor of the Year, for attending the most amount of tournaments and winning the most points out of the entire school!

  For information on Westside TKD visit www.westsidetkdtn.com.